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Lido of Venice

Venetian Lido is a thin island 12 km long, which divides the Lagoon of Venice from the sea; it connects San Nicolò port to Malamocco one, and the island is reachable only by boats and ferry-boat.

Lido is one of the few Venetian Lagoon island in which you can find driveways.

It was already love deeply in 1820: a lot of poets and writers chose this places as destination or dwelling place; whe can remember George Gordon Byron and Thomas Mann. All over the island we can find buildings of the 18th century, like "Murazzi", a work to protect the Lagoon from the Sea. Near Lido's downtown, architecture becomes rich in liberty stile buildings and in green parks, while the large lined with trees street which passes throught the island, from Lagoon to sea, is named "Granviale". The Ancient center of Santa Maria Elisabetta, placed at the end of Granviale, in the seaside, is full of last 18th century buildings now used as hotels. Here you cand find also Santa Maria Elisabetta Church; from it's opposite square, a long avenue called "Riviera" leads to San Nicolò, where it is possible to admire the 17th century reconstructed church: in the ascension day, in this place, the ancient "Serenissima Republic" was celebrating the "Marriage with the Sea", a tradition carried out until today. Interesting is the ancient Jewish Cemetery, not far from the Church and builded in 1389.
Across this place, in the beach side, you can find the "Lungomare". It's divided into "Lungomare Marconi" and "Lungomare D'Annunzio" by Granviale, where there is "Piazzale Bucintorno" known as Blue Moon. Both are very striking and they look like big tunnels made of longleaf pines: they cover all the plage, from the Hospital near San Nicolò, up to Murazzi.

The Beach

Lido Beach owes its notoriety to natural fine and golden sand dunes.
The water is clean and still thanks to the seawalls, named "pennelli" (in eng. "brushes") which starts from the shore of every private beach. This name is due to the fact which this seawalls push out in the sea, narrowing the entrance of the Venetian Lagoon into which there is the harbour.

On San Nicolò's seawall (East) and on Alberoni's one (West) the building of MOSE is in progress; MOSE is a system to protect Venice from high tides.

The opportunities which Lido offers are various, from "arenili liberi" of S. Nicolò and Alberoni, characterized by the natural habitat of the ancient sand dunes, to the rocks of "Murazzi", up to the fancy and expensive beach plants on the middle of the island. The first beach plant goes back to 1857: it's called "Grande stabilimento balneario eretto sull'Onda viva del Mare".

The downtown of Lido began to enliven of visitors, which bacame more and more numerous, tagging the island "Golden Island".
But the "Capanna" (in eng. "hut") is the feature of Lido's beach. It's composed by a big cabin with veranda and by a tent and the all "Capanna" has the colors of its beach plant.

The Cinema Festival of Venice

The Cinema Festival of Venice takes places every year, between the end of August and the beginning of September, into the historical Palazzo del Cinema, situated on Lungomare Marconi at Venetian Lido.

It's the older cinema festival in the world, in fact the first edition was celebrated in 1932. Come to 37th edition in 2006, the festival is placed into the more comprehensive background of Biennale di Venezia, a cultural festival including a contemporary art exposition. The first edition had place in concomitance with the 18th Biennale.

The foremost award of the festival is the Leone d'Oro (in eng. "Golden Lion"), which portraies the lion of San Marco Church, simbol of Venice. This award is considered one of the most important by film rating, equal to the "Golden Palm of Cannes" and the "Golden Bear of Berlin". All awards always in countertrend with "American OSCAR", which usually take place in Spring.

Lido of Venice Accommodation

We hope to please suggesting some facilities such as hotels, inns and bed & breakfast in Lido of Venice in order to help you find accommodation or rooms in Lido of Venice or nearby. Try out our Lido of Venice accommodation deals finder.

Hotel Petit Palais Lido of Venice

Petit Palais

Via Lungomare Marconi, 54

Location: Lido of Venice

hotel Petit Palais 4 stars Lido of Venice

Hotel Petit Palais rises from a modern-looking building with facades made of travertine marble. It's situated in Venetian Lido, the island which divides the sea from the lagoon.

Petit Palais, online reservation: you can book your room at the hotel "Petit Palais" by clicking on its name and visiting its own page.

Hotel Hotel Rigel Lido of Venice

Hotel Rigel

Via Enrico Dandolo 13

Location: Lido of Venice

hotel Hotel Rigel 3 stars Lido of Venice

Set on the island of Lido di Venezia, Albergo Rigel has air-conditioned rooms with satellite TV. Venice is just a 15-minute boat trip away and the bea...

Hotel Rigel, online reservation: you can book your room at the hotel "Hotel Rigel" by clicking on its name and visiting its own page.

room rates starting from 70,00 €

Hotel Hotel Belvedere Lido of Venice

Hotel Belvedere

P.le S.M. Elisabetta 4

Location: Lido of Venice

hotel Hotel Belvedere 3 stars Lido of Venice

Hotel Belvedere is located on the shores of the lagoon of Lido Di Venezia. It offers free bike rental, free on-site parking and free Wi-Fi.

Hotel Belvedere, online reservation: you can book your room at the hotel "Hotel Belvedere" by clicking on its name and visiting its own page.

room rates starting from 120,00 €

Bed and Breakfast Villa Angelica Lido of Venice

Villa Angelica

Marcantonio Bragadin, 12/B

Location: Lido of Venice

Villa Angelica is a completely restored house in liberty style dating from the beginning of the twentieth century and offers refined rooms in Venice Lido.

Villa Angelica, online reservation: you can book your room at the Bed and Breakfast "Villa Angelica" by clicking on its name and visiting its own page.

Where to buy local handicraft products around Lido of Venice

In the globalized market has become very difficult to buy local crafts in places that you go to visit. Let us, therefore, to suggest the reliable shops where you can buy the authentic pieces and not imported.

New Arte Fuga Burano

New Arte Fuga

Location: Burano

The New Arte Fuga shop in Burano offers exclusively original Murano glass objects of its own manufacture.

New Arte Fuga, buy online: you can send your enquiry to "New Arte Fuga" by clicking on its name and visiting its own page.

Burano Tours and Venice Tours

Venice Travel Cards

If you are a "DIY tourist", who prefer to move freely without the comfort of our tours, you can get to Burano with the public vaporetto (Line 12). You can skip the line at the ticket offices buying the water bus tickets online.

Boat tours to Burano Murano Torcello Venezia

Boat Excursions to Murano, Burano and Torcello

Duration: starting from 4 hours

Period: available all year!

Enjoy a little taste of the timeless atmosphere that you breathe in these places through a convenient and economic boat trip to the islands of the Venice Lagoon.

Departing from Venice, can be complicated for a tourist reaching Murano, Burano and Torcello by public transport, so we thought about comfortable tours of the islands which depart from the Santa Lucia train station in Venice, from Piazza San Marco and, in summer, also from Punta Sabbioni, the end of the Cavallino-Treporti coastline.

In our catalog there are various boat tours options: starting from the classic excursion to Burano, Murano and Torcello, up to the excursion to Murano and Burano with a fish-based lunch in a typical restaurant in Burano.

A novelty are also the tour of Burano, Murano and Venice starting from Punta Sabbioni and the daily excursion to Venice and its islands starting from Jesolo Lido.

In short, if you want to visit Murano and Burano, as well as Torcello and Venice, without sacrificing comfort, seating, explanation on board .... book online the boat trip that's right for you.

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Gondola Tours in Venice

Duration: variuos

In our section about the gondola tours in Venice, you can book the gondola ride you like directly online, starting from 31,00 €. If you are looking for a romantic evening in Venice and unforgettable, we recommend you the Venice Redentore in private gondola, the Historical Regatta in private gondola, or the gondola serenade.

Week end in Venice

Plan your weekend in Venice: take a ride in our section dedicated to museums, events, tours, attractions and hotels in Venice and lagoon islands.
Compose online your holiday package in Venice, adding to cart individual services and booking them all at once!

All these services are offered by a Venetian tour operators.

Local Handicrafts

Murano glass shop

New Arte Fuga - Lume Glass Factory

Via Giudecca, 132 - 30142 Burano (Venice Italy)

The New Arte Fuga shop in Burano, which is also a small glass factory, offers exclusively original Murano glass objects of its own manufacture.

Inside this shop it's possible to enjoy for free the "glass lume processing", typical of the area around Murano.

Download the coupon for "New Arte Fuga" by clicking on the button below: showing it in the shop you will be entitled to a discount or a freebie.

Venice Hotels

Hotels in Venice and islands

Hotel diffuso in Burano

San Martino Sinistro 506 – 30142 Burano

Do you want to sleep in one of the colorful houses of Burano? Book your room and discover the most beautiful island in the Venice lagoon.

Burano Accommodation

Laguna Blu Bed and Breakfast in Burano

Burano Bed and Breakfast

Calle Daffan, 379 - 30142 Burano

Book your room in Burano, in the heart of the Venice Lagoon. Stay directly in the quiet Piazza Baldassare Galuppi of Burano.

holiday lettings homes and apartments in burano

Holiday lettings, homes and apartments in Burano

Would you like to stay in a typical colorful house of Burano, once inhabited by fishermen and lace-makers?

where to eat in Mazzorbo

Eating out in Mazzorbo

Fondamenta Santa Caterina, 3 – 30142 Mazzorbo

A stone's throw from the island of Burano, crossing the long bridge, you reach the Venissa estate: an agricultural paradise open to the public, formed by vegetable gardens, vineyards and two restaurants.