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Murano (in latin "Amuriana") is an island in the Venetian Lagoon, located north-east of Venice, and was, like the island of Torcello and Burano, one of the major centers founded by the inhabitants of Altino in the year 453, when they fled from invasions of the Huns.

Like Venice, Murano is formed of seven islands in turn connected by bridges and its Grand Canal that runs through them, where many buildings are reflected: among which we mention the most characteristic, the Palazzo da Mula (Hall of Murano), dating the thirteenth century, with typical gothic facade.

Murano Palazzo Da Mula Murano San Donato Church
From left: Palazzo Da Mula in Murano, San Donato Church in Murano

Before the advent of Napoleon Bonaparte, on the island there were eighteen parishes, monasteries and convents.
Today, after all the historical events that made Murano a sharer, only three churches remain functional: Santa Maria e Donato, San Pietro Martire, Santa Maria degli Angeli; while the ruins of some other churches such as Santa Clara, San Maffio and Santo Stefano remain visible. To these is to add the Oratory of San Giuseppe and Teresa with the nearby hospice Briati.
The most important church in Murano is the Santa Maria e Donato's Cathedral, who was born in the seventh century and was mainly dedicated to Santa Maria. Then, in 1125, after the conquest of Kefalonia, there were placed the remains of San Donato.

Murano faro Murano lighthouse
From left: Murano Faro, Istrian stone Murano's lighthouse

An extremely curious characteristic of this island is the fact that it has its own lighthouse. The Murano lighthouse is located in the Fondamenta Francesco Maria Piave (the beginning of the "Bressaggio Avenue") and is a cylindrical building made of Istrian stone.
Even if it has an internal position in the lagoon and it's so far from the sea, it has the role of enlightening the Venetian Lido's harbor mouth.
During the High Middle Ages, the lighthouse was made of wood and its function was to illuminate the Lagoon with fires lit.

The Murano's Glass Museum

The Glass Museum of Murano is located in Fondamenta Marco Giustiniani: built in gothic style, was the former residence of the Torcello'a bishops.

Murano Glass Museum Murano's Clock Tower Murano's Long Bridge
From left: Glass Museum of Murano in Fondamenta Marco Giustinian, Murano's Clock Tower, Long Bridge in Murano

In 1805, after the fall of the Venetian Republic, the suppression of the diocese of Torcello and a severe crisis of the Murano glass, the building became the property of the Patriarchate of Venice until 1840 when it was sold to the town of Murano.

In 1861 was founded the Museum of Glass by Antonio Colleoni and Vincenzo Zanetti.
Inside you can admire vases, bowls, sculptures and especially the majestic chandeliers, of which the most impressive one, composed of sixty arms, was made by the masters Lorenzo Santi and Giovanni Fuga.

For a brief period it was also set up a school for the design and production of blown glass, where it was also taught the evolution of the techniques over the centuries.

The museum is part of the Venetian Civic Museums since 1923, the year of the annexation of the island to the city of Venice. It was also the seat of the Municipality of Murano, then transferred to the Palazzo da Mula.

Getting to Murano

For information on how to get to Murano you should visit the page "visit Murano and Burano". Infact the route to reach Murano from Venice, Murano, Treporti, Punta Sabbioni, Venice Lido or from the Marco Polo Airport (linked by Alilaguna) is the same that you undertake to visit Burano.

Alilaguna link Murano to Marco Polo Venice Airport Alilaguna Murano Colonna
From left: Alilaguna link from Murano to the Venice's Marco Polo Airport, AliLaguna's waterbus at the Murano Colonna Stop

Visiting Murano from San Marco Square

To get to Murano from the beautiful Piazza San Marco in Venice, you can use an organized boat tour. The boat trip to Murano takes about half a day, it's cheap, and it will take you through the various islands of the lagoon near Murano, as Burano and Torcello. The half day excursion by boat can be booked online at this page: Venice islands tours.

Murano Accommodation

We hope to please suggesting some facilities such as hotels, inns and bed & breakfast in Murano in order to help you find accommodation or rooms in Murano or nearby. Try out our Murano accommodation deals finder.

Hotel Murano Palace Murano

Murano Palace

Fondamenta Vetrai 77

Location: Murano

Offering fast links to Venice and the whole lagoon, Murano Palace overlooks the Rio dei Vetrai canal, in Murano. Near prestigious glass-makers atelier...

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room rates starting from 160,00 €

Hotel Ca' Bernardo Murano

Ca' Bernardo

Calle S.Bernardo 7

Location: Murano

Located on Murano Island, Ca' Bernardo offers self-catering accommodation with free WiFi throughout and air conditioning. Here, guests can enjoy a pri...

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Hotel Lagare Hotel Venezia - MGallery Collection Murano

Lagare Hotel Venezia - MGallery Collection

Rivalonga 27, Isola di Murano

Location: Murano

hotel Lagare Hotel Venezia - MGallery Collection 4 stars Murano

Overlooking Murano Grand Canal, LaGare Hotel Venezia-Murano offers a free shuttle service that will take you to/from Marco Polo Airport in 20 minutes,...

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Bed and Breakfast Laguna Blu Burano

Laguna Blu

Calle Daffan, 379

Location: Burano

Book your room in Burano, in the heart of the Venice Lagoon. Stay directly in the quiet Piazza Baldassare Galuppi of Burano.

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Bed and Breakfast Venissa - Ostello di Mazzorbo Mazzorbo

Venissa - Ostello di Mazzorbo

Fondamenta Santa Caterina, 3

Location: Mazzorbo

The Venissa Hostel is located in Mazzorbo island, in the former mansion of a typical Venetian estate, surrounded by a walled vineyard of Dorona's grapes.

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Where to buy the Original Murano Glass in Murano

In the globalized market has become very difficult to buy local crafts in places that you go to visit. Let us, therefore, to suggest the reliable shops where you can buy the authentic and original Murano glass objects and not imported.

New Arte Fuga Burano

New Arte Fuga

Location: Burano

The New Arte Fuga shop in Burano offers exclusively original Murano glass objects of its own manufacture.

New Arte Fuga, buy online: you can send your enquiry to "New Arte Fuga" by clicking on its name and visiting its own page.

Burano Tours and Venice Tours

Boat tours to Burano Murano Torcello Venezia

Boat Excursions to Murano, Burano and Torcello

Duration: starting from 4 hours

Period: available all year!

Enjoy a little taste of the timeless atmosphere that you breathe in these places through a convenient and economic boat trip to the islands of the Venice Lagoon.

Departing from Venice, can be complicated for a tourist reaching Murano, Burano and Torcello by public transport, so we thought about comfortable tours of the islands which depart from the Santa Lucia train station in Venice, from Piazza San Marco and, in summer, also from Punta Sabbioni, the end of the Cavallino-Treporti coastline.

In our catalog there are various boat tours options: starting from the classic excursion to Burano, Murano and Torcello, up to the excursion to Murano and Burano with a fish-based lunch in a typical restaurant in Burano.

A novelty are also the tour of Burano, Murano and Venice starting from Punta Sabbioni and the daily excursion to Venice and its islands starting from Jesolo Lido.

In short, if you want to visit Murano and Burano, as well as Torcello and Venice, without sacrificing comfort, seating, explanation on board .... book online the boat trip that's right for you.

Choose the visit to the islands that you prefer, by pressing the button below to have access to our online catalog.

Murano and Burano Half-Day Glass and Lace Tour

Duration: 5 hours

A tour to discover the Burano's lace-making and the Murano's glass blowing traditions on a leisurely 5-hour tour starting from Venice. Head into the Venetian lagoon to watch glass and lace-making demonstrations, with options to buy items at a discount.

Venice Travel Cards

If you are a "DIY tourist", who prefer to move freely without the comfort of our tours, you can get to Burano with the public vaporetto (Line 12). You can skip the line at the ticket offices buying the water bus tickets online.

Gondola Tours in Venice

Duration: variuos

In our section about the gondola tours in Venice, you can book the gondola ride you like directly online, starting from 31,00 €. If you are looking for a romantic evening in Venice and unforgettable, we recommend you the Venice Redentore in private gondola, the Historical Regatta in private gondola, or the gondola serenade.

Week end in Venice

Plan your weekend in Venice: take a ride in our section dedicated to museums, events, tours, attractions and hotels in Venice and lagoon islands.
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Local Handicrafts

Murano glass shop

New Arte Fuga - Lume Glass Factory

Via Giudecca, 132 - 30142 Burano (Venice Italy)

The New Arte Fuga shop in Burano, which is also a small glass factory, offers exclusively original Murano glass objects of its own manufacture.

Inside this shop it's possible to enjoy for free the "glass lume processing", typical of the area around Murano.

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Venice Hotels

Hotels in Venice and islands

Hotel diffuso in Burano

San Martino Sinistro 506 – 30142 Burano

Do you want to sleep in one of the colorful houses of Burano? Book your room and discover the most beautiful island in the Venice lagoon.

Burano Accommodation

Laguna Blu Bed and Breakfast in Burano

Burano Bed and Breakfast

Calle Daffan, 379 - 30142 Burano

Book your room in Burano, in the heart of the Venice Lagoon. Stay directly in the quiet Piazza Baldassare Galuppi of Burano.

holiday lettings homes and apartments in burano

Holiday lettings, homes and apartments in Burano

Would you like to stay in a typical colorful house of Burano, once inhabited by fishermen and lace-makers?

where to eat in Mazzorbo

Eating out in Mazzorbo

Fondamenta Santa Caterina, 3 – 30142 Mazzorbo

A stone's throw from the island of Burano, crossing the long bridge, you reach the Venissa estate: an agricultural paradise open to the public, formed by vegetable gardens, vineyards and two restaurants.